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Is 2019 Germany’s 100-Point Vintage?

James Suckling, 02/11/2020

The Wine World’s Most Elite Circle Has a Sexual Harassment Problem

The New York Times, 02/11/2020

Müller-Thurgau: A shoulder for Germany to cry on

Trink Magazine, 02/11/2020

German Wines’ Compass Swings North

Trink Magazine, 02/11/2020

Taras Ochota remembered, 02/11/2020

What’s changed in 20 years of wine?, 02/11/2020

Rising trend: Low alcohol and alcohol free wine, 08/01/2020

Rhône 2018 – a guide to our coverage, 08/01/2020

Burgundy 2018 – the guide, 08/01/2020

The financial penalty wineries now pay for climate change

Meiningers Wine Business International, 08/01/2020

A tribute to Georges Duboeuf

Meiningers Wine Business International, 08/01/2020

A new chapter for fine Australian wines

Meininger’s, 27/01/2019

Women triumph at this year’s WSET awards, 27/01/2019

In praise of lighter vintages, 27/01/2019

Farewell Gerard, far too early, 17/01/2019

What drives sommeliers?

Meininger’s, 17/01/2019

A bleak future for new wine apps

Meininger’s, 17/01/2019

Gerard Basset MW MS OBE, 1957–2019

Meininger’s, 17/01/2019

A Celebration of Natural Wine

Wine Spectator, 14/12/2018

Beaujolais – a useful alternative to burgundy, 14/12/2018

Bordeaux tackles its pesticide use

Meininger’s, 14/12/2018

Madeira’s communal winery

Meininger’s, 16/11/2018

Great debate: Is wine heading for tough times? YES

Meininger’s, 16/11/2018

2018 Wine Harvest Report: Napa Valley Wins with a Slow and Steady Year

Wine Spectator, 16/11/2018

‘Prime’ English vineyard sites identified – study

Decanter, 16/11/2018

Trump provokes trade reaction with French wine tariffs jibe

Decanter, 16/11/2018

2018 growing season – wet, wet, wet, 20/07/2018

Is wine a good or a service?

Meininger’s, 20/07/2018

A fine wine strategy that works: Austria

Meininger’s, 20/07/2018

Montes starts island vineyard in Chiloé

Decanter, 20/07/2018

Cornas pioneer Pierre-Auguste Clape dies

Decanter, 20/07/2018

English winemakers praise ‘near perfect’ conditions in heatwave

Decanter, 13/07/2018

France: Fraud probe finds Spanish wine being passed off as French

Decanter, 10/07/2018

Hail hits Nuits-St-Georges area in Burgundy

Decanter, 09/07/2018

Planting begins at first UK Pinotage vineyard

Decanter, 25/06/2018

The urgent need to embrace new varieties

Meininger’s, 29/05/2018

Managing the 2016 vintage in the Douro, 29/05/2018

Bordeaux hail damage terrible but localised

the drinks business, 29/05/2018

Extreme weather becoming the new normal – study

Decanter, 20/04/2018

More wine bottles now under screwcap

Meininger’s, 17/04/2018

When it comes to wine labels, the eyes have it

Meininger’s, 17/04/2018

Own rooted vs. grafted vines: Which make better wines?

WineSpectator, 17/04/2018

Hedonism restaurant opening with chef Ollie Dabbous

Decanter, 17/04/2018

Champagne announces spectacular results

Meininger’s, 23/03/2018

Henkell and Freixenet join forces

Meininger’s, 23/03/2018

Meet the four new Masters of Wine

Decanter, 15/03/2018

EU wine trade body publishes calorie labelling plan

Decanter, 15/03/2018

Medstifter træder tilbage fra Vivino, 15/03/2018

Symington to build new Douro winery

Decanter, 23/02/2018

In praise of lighter vintages, 22/02/2018

Lektor om svindelmistænkt vinmand: »Det minder om Stein Bagger«, 22/02/2018

’2017 must be one of the most disaster-strewn years since phylloxera’

Decanter, 17/02/2018

The top 10 countries exporting wine to China

Decanter, 09/02/2018

Jefford on Monday: Grapevine trunk disease – the »next phylloxera«

Decanter, 06/02/2018

The Vino Nobile gap

Meininger’s, 31/01/2018

Barolo and Barbaresco legend Bruno Giacosa dies

Decanter, 31/01/2018

Jefford on Monday: To cru or not to cru

Decanter, 21/01/2018

Ex-personal assistant charged with $1.2-million wine theft from top Goldman Sachs executive

Los Angeles Times, 21/01/2018

Tenerife – island of wine (and historic) discoveries, 21/01/2018

Pape Clement owner Bernard Magrez attacked at home

Decanter, 21/01/2018

Cos d’Estournel to launch luxury ‘COS100’ wine

Decanter, 21/01/2018

Oregon rising

Meininger’s, 09/12/2017

10 Napa Valley wineries assess long-term effects of wildfires as recovery begins

Los Angeles Times, 09/12/2017

Nightmare 2017 – an Italian perspective

Meininger’s, 09/12/2017

Was Grange based on a mistake?

Meininger’s, 09/12/2017

Bordeaux: Robot vineyard worker impresses at Clerc Milon

Decanter, 09/12/2017

Vinen er forsvundet hos konkursramt vinfirma, 22/11/2017

LVMH buys control of Napa winery Colgin Cellars

Decanter, 22/11/2017

Zero emissions winery possible in 15 years, says Torres

Decanter, 31/10/2017

Natural Wine Movement Finds a Lively Hub in Copenhagen

The New York Times, 30/10/2017

As California wine country burns, it’s the people, not the vines, that are suffering

The Washington Post, 30/10/2017

South Africa at a crossroads, 30/10/2017

What does Amazon’s latest action mean for the wine market?

Meininger’s, 30/10/2017

Clos de Tart sold to Latour owner Pinault

Decanter, 30/10/2017

Skandaleramt vinfirma går konkurs: Ejeren ryger med ned, 18/10/2017

Priorat’s new structure

Meininger’s, 11/07/2017

What’s up with organic wines?

Meininger’s, 11/07/2017

‘Tornado’ of hail hits Beaujolais vineyards

Decanter, 11/07/2017

English winery revenues are rising fast, shows new data

Decanter, 11/07/2017

California aflame – again, 11/07/2017

Wines moves north to Hokkaido, 11/07/2017

Rosé, really? The story of pink wine’s path from tacky to chic.

The Washington Post, 28/06/2017

What’s the truth about biodynamics?

Meininger’s, 28/06/2017

China takes new steps towards quality wine production, creating an ‘estate wine’ trademark

Decanter, 28/06/2017

The 2017 MW exam papers, 28/06/2017

»Det er en reel risiko, at jeg ikke får mine penge«

Børsen, 28/06/2017

The death of the experts

Meininger’s, 24/05/2017

Sarah Marquis takes ownership of Mollydooker

The Real Review, 23/05/2017

Bordeaux turns pink

Meininger’s, 23/05/2017

Champagne – losing its fizz?, 23/05/2017

Floods in northern Chile, 23/05/2017

Viognier saviour Georges Vernay dies in the Rhône

Decanter, 23/05/2017

Regnskabskaos fortsætter: Revisor beskylder vinmægler for at bryde flere love, 10/03/2017

Our Bordeaux 2016 is better than 2010, says Château owner

Decanter, 10/03/2017

High demand for Burgundy »dangerous«

The Drinks Business, 22/02/2017

Bordeaux 2016 – the largest harvest since 2006

Liv-ex Blog, 22/02/2017

Swartland Municipality issues statement on sandmining

The Drinks Business, 22/02/2017

WOSA: Paardeberg sandmining decision ‘a true blow’

The Drinks Business, 17/02/2017

Does less choice lead to higher wine sales?

Meininger’s, 15/02/2017

Cape Wine Auction 2017 raises record amount

Decanter, 15/02/2017

Sadie ‘gobsmacked’ as Swartland opens door to sandmining

The Drinks Business, 15/02/2017

Vinmægler har fået myndighed på nakken: Afkræves nyt regnskab, 01/02/2017

Conventional farming is holding Chile back

The Drinks Business, 05/01/2017

Did the Judgement of Paris change the wine world?

Meininger’s, 15/12/2016

The last ten years: New Zealand

Meininger’s, 15/12/2016

2015 north Rhône reds – best in 55 years?, 15/12/2016

Austria 2016: uncommon quality?, 15/12/2016

New appellations added to Côtes du Rhône Villages

The Drinks Business, 15/12/2016

Hugh Johnson accepts orange wine challenge

The Drinks Business, 15/12/2016

Capitalism comes to Barolo

Meininger’s, 15/11/2016

The great debate: the future of wine

Meininger’s, 15/11/2016

New Zealand’s Wine Industry Cleaning Up After Earthquake

Wine Spectator, 15/11/2016

What could the ‘Supermoon’ do to wine?

Decanter, 15/11/2016

New Zealand wineries checking damage after earthquake

Decanter, 14/11/2016

Sale speculation returns at Brad Pitt & Jolie’s Château Miraval

Decanter, 26/10/2016

Wild weather hits world wine production

Decanter, 26/10/2016

Burgundy grape wars: Harvest thefts hit new levels

Decanter, 11/10/2016

Photos: California wine harvest gallery 2016

Decanter, 07/10/2016

South African wine auction breaks new record

Decanter, 07/10/2016

Chinese wine firm buys 484ha of Australian vineyards

Decanter, 28/09/2016

Business as usual at Pitt and Jolie’s Château Miraval, says winemaker

Decanter, 28/09/2016

Inside Systembolaget’s tender tastings

Meininger’s, 27/09/2016

Chianti bids to join UNESCO world heritage club

Decanter, 27/09/2016

New Cru Bourgeois Classification to launch in 2020

Decanter, 23/09/2016

Brad Pitt and Jolie split puts Miraval rosé future in doubt

Decanter, 21/09/2016

China grows wine in space to beat harsh climate

Decanter, 21/09/2016

How big is the market for natural wines?

Meininger’s Wine Business International, 20/09/2016

Updated: Richest French wine château owners revealed – 2016

Decanter, 20/09/2016

Natural wine pioneer Stanko Radikon dies

Decanter, 20/09/2016

Cheval Blanc launches white wine after eight-year experiment

Decanter, 16/09/2016

Master Sommeliers have thicker brains – study

Decanter, 16/09/2016

Hail-hit French winemakers allowed to buy in grapes

Decanter, 06/09/2016

Margrit Mondavi: California wine and food pioneer dies

Decanter, 06/09/2016

A new crop of MWs, 06/09/2016

Japan, where hybrids can please, 02/09/2016

Bordeaux 2016 harvest begins after year of two halves

Decanter, 02/09/2016

From Etna and the Salty Sea, a White of Great Potential

The New York Times, 07/08/2016

Who uses label-scanning apps most?, 07/08/2016

Cutting down on sulphur, 07/08/2016

Will English wine become a collector’s item?, 07/08/2016

French streets run red as CRAV wine terrorists strike again, 07/08/2016

Judgment of Paris – a 40th anniversary re-run, 29/06/2016

Brexit for wine lovers, 29/06/2016

Beaujolais crus ravaged by heavy hail storm, 29/06/2016

Novak Djokovic buys land for vineyard in Serbia, 29/06/2016

Best natural wine bars in London, 29/06/2016

Are bacteria the secret to a great wine vintage?

Cosmos Magazine, 29/06/2016

Rioja sales hit new record in 2015 – figures, 10/02/2016

‘Smoking gun’ discovered in Dragon 8 case

The Drinks Business, 10/02/2016

Italian wine ‘father’ Giacomo Tachis dies, 09/02/2016

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti: DRC 2013 wines & vintage review, 09/02/2016

Michel Chapoutier Buys Provence Wine Estate

Wine Spectator, 26/01/2016

Buenos Aires: Wine bars and restaurants, 26/01/2016

South Africa Cape Winelands fire threatens vineyards, 26/01/2016

Pontet-Canet owner buys Robin Williams’ Napa wine estate, 26/01/2016

Priorat and Montsant in 2015, 06/01/2016

Rhône 2014 – Viognier’s year, 06/01/2016

South African wine trends 2016

Moneyweb, 06/01/2016

The Way That France Makes Wine Is About to Change Forever, 19/10/2015

The great Brettanomyces taste test

Meininger’s, 16/10/2015

Douro – harvest report 2015, 16/10/2015

The man who dreamt up Cloudy Bay, 16/10/2015

Alsace 2015 vintage set to be a ‘bulldozer’, 16/10/2015

August rainfall ‘saved’ Germany 2015 harvest, 16/10/2015

New Moet Champagne that took 15 years to create, 04/09/2015

Hail hits Chablis on wine harvest eve, 03/09/2015

Champagne cork grounds plane

The Drink Business, 03/09/2015

Hopes high for a vintage Port year

The Drink Business, 03/09/2015

Rosé goes viral. Is that a bad thing?

San Francisco Chronicle, 03/09/2015

Keeping cool with 2005 burgundies, 03/09/2015

Russian distance selling ban may be overturned

Meininger’s, 03/09/2015

Why should you get to know Georgian wines? Because they’re exciting.

The Washington Post, 03/09/2015

Artisanal wines: the good, the bad and the ugly

Meininger’s, 02/09/2015

How wine has changed since 1985, 02/06/2015

The story of Sassicaia: How a controversial experiment became a legend, 02/06/2015

Spanish wine tourism trail to open on ancient trading route, 02/06/2015

Those wine-snob behaviors? There’s a good reason for all of them.

The Washington Post, 02/06/2015

Cork it: Many Bay Area wine producers are switching back to natural cork

San Francisco Business Times, 02/06/2015

Champagne popping again in London restos

The Drink Business, 02/06/2015

Going back to nature: the UK’s first biodynamic vineyard

The Drink Business, 02/06/2015

Why is no one buying Sauternes?

The Drink Business, 18/04/2015

Bordeaux 2014 – the make or break campaign?, 18/04/2015

Wine by the glass, done right, can be better than a bottle

Los Angeles Times, 18/04/2015

Famille Hugel in Alsace launches first Lieu-dit Riesling Cuvee, 18/04/2015

Comment: Bordeaux 2014 – En primeur in the balance, 18/04/2015

What effect does irrigation have on wine?

Meininger’s, 18/04/2015

Anne-Claude Leflaive, Vintner in Burgundy, Dies at 59

The New York Times, 18/04/2015

Beringer launches sampling strips

The Drink Business, 18/04/2015

Moët Hennessy in trademark dispute

The Drink Business, 18/04/2015

Going back to nature: the UK’s first biodynamic vineyard

The Drink Business, 23/03/2015

Egon Müller wins Winemakers’ Winemaker Award 2015

The Drink Business, 23/03/2015

Less alcohol but no less flavour, 23/03/2015 and president fined by French financial watchdog, 23/03/2015

California’s Best Syrahs

Wine Enthusiast, 22/02/2015

English wine producer claims first with skin contact white wine, 22/02/2015

Wine scammer gets maximum work ban

The Drink Business, 22/02/2015

The new Chile, 22/02/2015

Ribera del Duero council plans DO status for white wines, 22/02/2015

Premiere Napa Valley auction raises a record $6 million

Napa Valley Register, 22/02/2015

A Cape road trip, 16/02/2015

2005 bordeaux at 10 years, 16/02/2015

Wines for Modern Times

Wine Enthusiast, 16/02/2015

Bordeaux 2013 ‘more like Burgundy’

The Drink Business, 16/02/2015

Deadly vine diseases now ‘top priority’ for French winemakers, 16/02/2015

Washington State sees third record grape harvest in a row, 16/02/2015

Biodynamic winemaker Joly to cut ties with Loire body, 16/02/2015

10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2015

Wine Enthusiast, 17/01/2015

Downton Abbey Wines Expands with New Collection

Wine Enthusiast, 17/01/2015

Peaks and Valleys of Nero d’Avola

The New York Times, 17/01/2015

RIP Serge Hochar, 17/01/2015

2013 burgundy – the fairy-tale vintage?, 17/01/2015

Contino ‘founding father’ Jose Madrazo dies, 17/01/2015

5,000 grape growers protest in Argentina

The Drink Business, 17/01/2015

Four Outstanding British Sparklers

Wine Enthusiast, 28/12/2014

How old is your nonvintage champagne?

The Washington Post, 28/12/2014

Trial of ‘Champagne Jayne’ halted for trademark talks, 28/12/2014

A new era for Cyprus wines

The Drink Business, 28/12/2014

South African Swartland Winery sold to Chinese investor, 28/12/2014

Will China Dominate The Wine Industry Too?

Science2.0, 28/12/2014

Wine guru Lou Amdur on kosher wine and what to eat and drink for Hanukkah

Los Angeles Times, 18/12/2014

Riedel’s new Champagne glasses are lighter, taller – and dishwashable

Los Angeles Times, 18/12/2014

Riedel Creates a New Champagne Glass

The New York Times, 18/12/2014

Jackson expands into South Africa

The Drink Business, 18/12/2014

Top 10 winemakers to watch in Spain

The Drink Business, 18/12/2014

Barolo – the next big thing?, 18/12/2014

Rudy Kurniawan’s private cellar could help to repay victims, 18/12/2014

A winemaker’s Christmas: Peter Sisseck, 18/12/2014

Vega Sicilia Goes Winery Shopping

wine-searcher, 18/12/2014

Emirates Splashes Out Half a Billion on Wine

wine-searcher, 18/12/2014

Organic Vineyard Trial Shows Mixed Results

wine-searcher, 18/12/2014

Lawyers Burst Champagne Jayne’s Bubble

wine-searcher, 18/12/2014

Merlot Moves on from Miles’ Sideways Swipe

wine-searcher, 18/12/2014

Beychevelle to showcase winemaking with glass-walled winery, 23/11/2014

Vine trunk diseases – worse than phylloxera?, 23/11/2014

Rhône 2013 – a guide, 23/11/2014

Priorat shrinks in 2014, 23/11/2014

Top 10 rap star wines

The Drink Business, 23/11/2014

Peter Sisseck: Saving the whale in Ribera

The Drink Business, 23/11/2014

The best wines to pick for your Thanksgiving meal

The Washington Post, 23/11/2014

5 Thanksgiving wines to try

The Washington Post, 23/11/2014

Ready-to-Drink California Pinot Noir

Wine Enthusiast, 23/11/2014

The Enthusiast 100 of 2014

Wine Enthusiast, 23/11/2014

10 Top-Rated Spanish Wines to Drink Now

Wine Enthusiast, 29/10/2014

Game of Thrones wine montage

The Drink Business, 29/10/2014

Top 19 Rioja Masters wines

The Drink Business, 29/10/2014

Pontet-Canet declassification a mystery?

The Drink Business, 29/10/2014

The sun shines on Roussillon in 2014, 29/10/2014

Vintage 2014 – ‘mostly challenging’, 29/10/2014

Jacob’s Creek plans more whisky barrel wines, 29/10/2014

English winemakers hail ‘exquisite’ 2014 vintage, 29/10/2014

Pontet-Canet ‘astonished’ after second wine loses AOC status, 29/10/2014

Try 4 Virginia wines from unusual grapes

The Washington Post, 14/10/2014

Top 100 Best Buys of 2014

Wine Enthusiast, 14/10/2014

Top 10 famous wine collectors

The Drink Business, 14/10/2014

The Tempranillo craze, 14/10/2014

German 2013s – a guide, 14/10/2014

Bordeaux 2014: Rain hits end of the harvest, 14/10/2014

Champagne 2014: Organic growers survive tense summer, 14/10/2014

Bulgarian wine to see surge of foreign investment, 14/10/2014

What’s the Big Deal About Grüner Veltliner?

Winesearcher, 14/10/2014

California : Harvest 2014 is overall success

St. Helena Star, 14/10/2014

Rise of the California garagistes, from basements to barrels to fests

Los Angeles Times, 11/09/2014

South Africa’s oldest wine estates

The Drink Business, 11/09/2014

Priorat – worth the money?, 11/09/2014

Earthquake cost to Napa wineries tops $80m, 11/09/2014

Tuscany winemakers to protest after report warns vineyards may harm environment, 11/09/2014

Italian police uncover Brunello di Montalcino scam, 11/09/2014

Napa quake: Wine industry losses top $83 million

SFGate, 11/09/2014

Tuscan Wine Region Montalcino Rocked by Fraud Allegations

Wine Spectator, 11/09/2014

Wine for Breakfast

Wine Enthusiast, 14/08/2014

South Africa’s wind of change, 14/08/2014

Russia considers restricting EU wine imports in response to sanctions, 14/08/2014

Champagne entrepreneur Nicolas Feuillatte dies, 14/08/2014

Champagne the Next Target for Investors

Winesearcher, 14/08/2014

Putin’s staff on wine buying spree

The Drink Business, 14/08/2014

Toxic terroir? – poisoned patrimoine?

Jim’s Loire, 08/07/2014

Coravin creates sleeve to address bottle breakage problems

The Washington Post, 08/07/2014

What did a wine list look like in 1914?

The Drink Business, 08/07/2014

Torbeck acquire Gnadenfrei vineyard, 08/07/2014

Resistant Weeds Threaten Vineyards

Wines & Vines, 08/07/2014

American Riesling: 5 great bottles to try

The Washington Post, 07/07/2014

Stuart Pigott’s five favorite U.S. Rieslings

Los Angeles Times, 07/07/2014

Downey – routing the fakers, 07/07/2014

Pesticide drift threatens Lodi vines

The Drink Business, 07/07/2014

Going back to nature: the UK’s first biodynamic vineyard

The Drink Business, 03/07/2014

Wildfire rips through Napa wine country

The Drink Business, 03/07/2014

Coravin back in business, 03/07/2014

Teutonic Pinots, 03/07/2014

Australia at the crossroads?, 03/07/2014

Barossa’s Doug Lehmann dies, 03/07/2014

St Emilion’s Chateau Fonplegade gets organic certification, 03/07/2014

Burgundy producers request government aid as 3,000 hectares damaged, 03/07/2014

Photos: Hail Damage Report from Burgundy, 03/07/2014

Is Your Wine a Fake?

Wine Enthusiast, 24/05/2014

Wine: Experiments in birds and leaves

The Washington Post, 24/05/2014

Keep a bouquet of rosés on hand in the land of endless summer

Los Angeles Times, 24/05/2014

How new is the new California?, 24/05/2014

How to be a wine faker, 24/05/2014

Bordeaux 2013: Full Decanter ratings, 24/05/2014

The Sancerre Moment

The New York Times, 08/05/2014

Barolo – the next big thing?, 08/05/2014

Emerging regions show star quality at International Wine Challenge 2014, 08/05/2014

Kosher Wines for Passover

Wine Enthusiast, 10/04/2014

Top 10 wines of Bordeaux 2013

The Drink Business, 10/04/2014

Russia set to invest $1bn in Crimean wine, 10/04/2014

Bernard Magrez buys vines in Spain’s Jumilla region, 10/04/2014

Vega Sicilia recalls 100,000 bottles, 10/04/2014

Bordeaux negociants say demand for 2013 wine is ‘dead’, 10/04/2014

Number of Texas wineries skyrockets

Houston Chronicle, 10/04/2014

Wine & Spirits compiles the 25th annual list of top selling restaurant wines

Los Angeles Times, 07/04/2014

Amazon’s top-selling wines: They’re not all Chardonnay

Los Angeles Times, 07/04/2014

Washington holds its own against the big California cabs

The Washington Post, 07/04/2014

Get Out Your Corkscrew

The New York Times, 07/04/2014

Napa Off the Grid

Wine Enthusiast, 07/04/2014

2013 primeurs: Graves and Château d’Yquem

The Drink Business, 07/04/2014

Bordeaux 2013: Calls for price cuts as chateaux gear up for quick-fire campaign, 07/04/2014

Biodynamic winemaker convicted for refusing to spray vines, 07/04/2014

Chinese wine – catching up fast, 07/04/2014

Bordeaux 2013: »A vintage for terroir, and for money«, says Spurrier, 07/04/2014

Solvang’s Garagiste Festival features some hidden treasures, but you’d better act quick

Los Angeles Times, 07/04/2014

The diplomat of the Douro

Jancis Robinson, 19/03/2014

Champagne – now older and drier

Jancis Robinson, 19/03/2014

2004 Bordeaux 10 years on – best buys

Jancis Robinson, 10/03/2014

Tasting biodynamically

The Drink Business, 10/03/2014

The insider’s tip: The best Austrian wines

Daily Express, 10/03/2014

Variety is the charm: 14 of Italy’s finest wines

Daily Express, 10/03/2014

Idaho’s having a wine time

The Seattle Times, 05/03/2014

Hangovers don’t put people off drinking

The Drink Business, 05/03/2014

Top 10 most expensive Champagnes

The Drink Business, 05/03/2014

Möet Hennessy to launch Argentinian sparkling wines in UK, 05/03/2014

Extreme freeze damages Ontario vineyards, 05/03/2014

Champagne has had ‘too many vintages of the century’, 05/03/2014

Washington’s Rise of the Rhônes

Wine Enthusiast, 24/02/2014

Italians’ thirst for wine diminishes as younger generation turns to beer

Los Angeles Times, 24/02/2014

The Canaries – where vines, and wines, creep up on you, 24/02/2014

Big 2012 lot boosts Premiere Napa Valley wine auction

Napa Valley Register, 23/02/2014

Parker: ‘Natural’ wine will be exposed as ‘fraud’

The Drink Business, 22/02/2014

Top 10 wines in the US press

The Drink Business, 22/02/2014

The future of Argentine Malbec

The Drink Business, 21/02/2014

Burgundian vigneron seeks your signature, 21/02/2014

The Book on Amontillado

The New York Times, 21/02/2014

Top 10 wine trends for 2014

The Drink Business, 21/02/2014

Top 10 luxury Champagne coolers

The Drink Business, 21/02/2014

Top 10 wine consuming countries

The Drink Business, 21/02/2014

UK retailers split over calories on wine labels, 21/02/2014

Rioja sees record-breaking sales in 2013

The Drink Business, 21/02/2014

French Winemaker Jailed for Refusing to Use Pesticides

thepariskitchen, 19/02/2014

Newcomer Vintners Shaking up Chilean Wine Scene

ABC News, 19/02/2014

Gruner veltliner is universal

The Washington Post, 19/02/2014

Suspected Bordeaux wine thieves arrested in police raids, 18/02/2014

Washington wine featured at White House dinner

The Seattle Times, 18/02/2014

California celebrates bumper crop

The Drink Business, 18/02/2014

Esporão adds first vintage Port

The Drink Business, 18/02/2014

US Finger Lakes could rival Mosel, says Paul Hobbs, 18/02/2014

Making His Case for the Second Montalcino

The New York Times, 17/02/2014

Austrian wine – ruin to riches

The Drink Business, 17/02/2014

Fake Bordeaux fine wine company exposed

The Drink Business, 17/02/2014

Former Screaming Eagle co-owner to take control of New Zealand’s Trinity Hill, 17/02/2014

Lafite takes Lafitte trademark battle to China, 17/02/2014

French wine exports drop in 2013, 17/02/2014

Without Water, Will There Be Wine in California?

Huffingtonpost, 15/02/2014

Hunter Valley winery invests in solar

Ecogeneration, 13/02/2014

Rare 1949 Krug Champagne set for auction

The Drink Business, 12/02/2014

Red wine and aspirin could kill cancer cells

The Drink Business, 11/02/2014

Krug wanted ‘total submission’, says Austrian producer, 11/02/2014

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